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Anguilla Weddings

Thinking of coming to Anguilla as a destination for your romantic getaway?  We think it can’t be beat!  The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, yet private and exclusive at the same time.  There is no shortage of beach locations with Anguilla’s 33 pristine white sand beaches.   And what could be more perfect than stepping out of your villa, directly onto the sand to say your vows?  Sandcastle is the perfect luxury beachfront Anguilla villa.   Limestone Bay is a secluded beach that boasts stunning sunsets and light breezes all year long.   The sound of the waves crashing on the beach is the only sound you will hear!  

Getting Married in Anguilla: Regulations

  • Couples wishing to marry on the island should obtain a Marriage License from the Judicial Department, open weekdays between 8:30am and 2:30pm. The cost is US$280.86.

  • Both parties must present proof of identity (valid passport, birth certificate etc).

  • If divorced, the original decree must be presented.

  • Two witnesses must be present during the wedding ceremony.

  • If a spouse from a previous marriage is deceased, the original death certificate must be presented and a certified copy in English.

  • If parties are under the age of 18, consent must be presented..

  • A 48-hour residence period is also required for both parties.


Anguilla beachfront Villa Wedding
Anguilla beachfront Villa Wedding
Anguilla beachfront Villa Wedding
Anguilla beachfront Villa Wedding
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