Why I love Anguilla you ask?

An expat's perspective of why I love Anguilla and the Anguillian culture

Anguillian Fisherman
  • Because Anguilla has some of the best beaches in the world, 33 in all!!

  • Because the weather averages 85 degrees with a gentle breeze 

  • Because the food served on the island is spectacular and the island is blessed with almost 100 restaurants 

  • Because the sunsets, sunrises and rainbows are some of the most beautiful my eyes have ever seen 

  • Because racism is note accepted. Period

  • Because Anguillians respect their land 

  • Because Anguillians respect their elders 

  • Because many Anguillians build their own homes and take pride in it 

  • Because the super rich and celebrities vacation here and can be totally left alone 

  • Because Jet Skis are not allowed

  • Because of Sailing Camp, the Art Academy, the Music Academy, and Golf Academy

  • Because drivers honk constantly  at each other to say "hello" 

  • Because I often am all alone on a white sandy beach, at peace 

  • Because Anguillians are very entrepreneurial despite their tiny economy 

  • Because Anguillians religiously say "good morning" and "good afternoon" to anyone, all the time 

  • Because cars rarely pass second gear

  • Because no one cares what you drive, wear or live.

  • Because the fishing is great

  • Because there is no casino and no all-inclusive resort 

  • Because it rains for a few minutes every morning to water my garden

  • Because of Prickly Pear and Sandy Island, two deserted islands with small beach restaurants 

  • Because I pick my own coconuts (and add a bit of Vodka)

  • Because you can hang at Elvis Beach Bar and dance under the stars on the beach without a care in the world

  • Because of the stunning red and orange Flamboyant trees 

  • Because instead of shaking hands, most men will “bump” fists followed by “respect” or “one love” 

  • Because everyone is at church on Sunday 

  • Because “bullying” is almost non-existent 

  • Because there is a great selection of wine and cheeses 

  • Because of the wild array of birds 

  • Because of the 5-star resorts on the island 

  • Because paparazzi are not welcomed

  • Because of roadside BBQ Chicken and Ribs and Johnny Cakes 

  • Because Anguillians are proud of their history, from boat building, salt trading, luxury tourism and their revolution

  • Because I often get stopped by total stranger and ask if I need a ride while I am on my power walk

  • Because I give rides to perfect strangers all the time 

  • Because I can conduct business from Anguilla without being disturbed by too many externalities 

  • Because of its low crime rate

  • Because if I need anything repaired at the Villa, someone shows up immediately, not the usual "we will be there between 9-5” 

  • Because retailers have at least one of everything I need

  • Because most of the restaurants are "on" the beach and I can have lunch with my wife while kids play in the water

  • Because Anguillians know how to deal with tourists as it is a great part of their livelihood 

  • Because Anguillians take cycling very seriously even though some of the roads are rough 

  • Because playing Dominos is the national sport 

  • Because boat building and racing start at a young age and continues to adulthood 

  • Because I am NEVER bored

  • Because all the moms on the island treat my kids like their own sons

  • Because Doctors do house visits

  • Because Anguillians have incredible smiles

  • Because there is a Greig Norman golf course 

  • Because the local music is real, live and passionate

  • Because Life is good all the time, and all the time, life is good. 

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