Welcome to Sandcastle, your private escape in paradise!  We hope you enjoy your stay and find all the comforts of home.  Below are some tips to help you get oriented both in the house and on the island.  Please find a list of phone numbers and driving directions to many of the referenced people and places of business at the end of this booklet.  Enjoy your stay!


If you have any issues at the Villa or need booking anywhere, please contact our Villa Manager and Concierge from Leviticus Lifestyle


Kenroy Herbert






If the internet has stopped...just wait.  It should fix itself.  The main internet is called SANDCASTLE VILLA WIFI and is provided throughout the Villa.  As we know how important internet is, we also have a bankup called SANDCASTLE VILLA WIFI BACKUP from a different provider but the access will mostly only be available in the main room of the Villa.


TV is on Dish Network. 

We have SONOS speakers throughout the Villa.  They can all be operated together or individually.  Get the APP at www.sonos.com.  We are also providing an IPAD which is pre-loaded with SONOS.  Open Sonos and you will see the Villa has 4 main speaker zones which can be played in sync or separately, depending on your choice.

We have a Portable Speaker in the zen den.  If you would like to use it, make sure you are connected to SANDCASTLE VILLA WIFI and use AirPlay.  You will see the speaker named "sandcastle".  If you unplug it and take it away with you, it has a 6 hour battery.  You would also need to change your WIFI to AxiomAir which is emitted directly from the speaker once our of range of the Villa.

Please note that since Irma, there is no land line telephones at the villa.  There are internet phones with which you can make long distance calls (dial as if you are dialing from the USA).


Did you know that the electricity on the Island is unfortunately made by burning diesel fuel?  We ask if possible that you only start the AC when occupying the rooms, and please shut it off when you leave.  The AC units are very efficient and your room will be cool in minutes! Another large consumer of electricity is water, as the water must go through the desalination plant which uses power.  Please be conscious of your water use.  We thank you for your understanding and for being a friend of Anguilla and its environment!


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Your stay includes daily housekeeping.  Our staff is here to make sure you enjoy and relax.  If you require different hours, please let them know upon your arrival, your preferences.  Your privacy and comfort is of the utmost importance.  




In an emergency you can dial 911.  If you need a doctor ‘after hours’ in a non-emergency situation, you can drive to the hospital which is less than 10 minutes away.  You will be properly cared for, with any basic injuries or illnesses.

Dr. Nicholas Carbon is also available for after hours house calls at 264-584-6758


The grocery stores have all the basic medical supplies, Tylenol, band-aids, cold remedies, etc.  Beyond that, the 2 best pharmacies are Paramount and “The French Pharmacy”, also known as Sun Eel Pharmacy, both about 10 min from the villa.


In the house you will find some basic medical supplies in a plastic box marked Medical Supplies in the kitchen pantry




Each bedroom, and the TV room have their own air conditioning unit with remote control.  The units cool the rooms within minutes, so it is very much appreciated if you turn them off when you are not actually in the room.   Simply point the remote at the unit when you are inputting the desired settings (you will hear a beep to know your setting was accepted).



The house has a diesel backup generator, which should start automatically if there is a power outage.  If not, the housekeeper will know how to start it.  If there is no staff on premises during a power outage, and the generator does not start, please call the Villa Manager.



When you leave the house empty (no guest or staff on premises) please close and lock all the doors and windows.  

There are safes in each bedroom closet.   Please use the key (you will find in the door of the safe), rather than the code to lock and open the safe.  Loss of safe key results in $100 charge per key.




If you want the pool fence up, please ask and we will have it installed.  When using the pool, please make sure the door latches shut when you go in and out of the fence, for the safety of your children.  There are 2 doors, so always check both.  Please note that the outdoor patio space is slippery when wet, so best to alert the kids not to run around the pool.


The ocean on this beach can be rough and have undertow, not suitable for children to swim alone.




In the kitchen pantry you will find beach bags.  Feel free to use any of these when you go to the beach.


There are many fishing rods in storage that can be used.  If you run out of weights/hooks, Tackle Box in the Valley has some for sale. Also, Ashley and Sons sells squid, which can be used for bait.  Best place to fish is off the rock about 500 feet to the left or right of the house.


The snorkeling gear is in a basket in the BBQ pit and/or storage box next to beach gate




Make sure to drive on the left!  The speed limit on the island is 30 MPH.  Keep in mind that there are other tourists on the island who may not be used to driving on the left, so always proceed with caution.  At night it is difficult to see pedestrians, as the streets are not well lit.  Please leave the cars full of gas upon check out, or pay $100 per car if you prefer to leave them empty.

Please remember that the vehicle are provided as courtesy and that you should carry your own insurance and we are not responsible for any damage or accident caused by the driver.  The cars are offered "as is".  Should you wish to have a different car, please call villa manager to arrange a rental for you. 



To operate the gas BBQ outside, the igniter needs to be pressed fully.  You will hear a clicking sound…if you do not hear clicking, press a little harder and it should eventually work.  If it still doesn't work, please use matches which are located above TV in kitchen cabinet.  There should also be a long stick lighter in the utensil drawer in kitchen




The flat screen here is hooked to an Xbox,  and a computer.

Both Mac Mini (Tv and Living Room) have a shared “MOVIES” folder on desktop with approximately 400 movies to watch.  If you don't see the folder, go into “finders” and you should see a external drive names MOVIES TC.


All the Television have Apple TV connected to them.  Feel free to watch movies we have already purchased or log on to your own account.  There is an Xbox One in Kids Zone room and Xbox 360 in master bedroom.  In case the xbox One stops working, please just unplug the adapter and replug.


There are two main computers in the house:

  • The main computer is a Mac Mini that is hooked to the flat screen in the Kids Zone room

  • If you are using IPhone or Ipad with latest Operating System, you should be able to print to the printer in the master bedroom directly from your device.


Grocery shopping is very good on the island, with stores stocking their shelves generally every Wednesday.  All grocery stores carry wine, beer and liquor except for Ashley and Sons

  • Albert’s Wholesale: (also known as Lakes World)  Plenty of snacks, drinks, canned items, milk, cheeses, yogurt, and cereals.   Produce here, but not a big selection.  

  • JW Proctors: Generally the best selection of fresh produce.  You will also find dairy, snacks, drinks, and a small selection of meat.  

  • Best Buy: You will find everything here, one stop.  It is farthest from the house, but also the only one open on Sunday.  2 locations East and West.  West location is newest and biggest grocery store on island. 

  • Ashley and Sons: closest to the villa, and has small but adequate selection of produce.

The shops in Four Seasons, Cuisinart, and Zemi Beach Resort all have nice clothing, swimsuits, hats.  Irie Life is good for ‘Anguilla’ T-shirts, hats, etc.


Too many to list, but here are a few of our favorites, not in any order:

  • Veya: upscale dinner, island cuisine.  Not on the beach but a beautiful unique setting, kind of in a tree house  Dinner only

  • Picante: awesome, casual Mexican food and margaritas.  Dinner only

  • Jacala: light fresh menu, right on gorgeous Meads Bay.  We love this one for lunch, but they are also open for dinner.

  • Blanchard’s: upscale dinner, prix fixe menu is always great value.  Cracked coconut dessert is special.  Dinner only.

  • Blanchard's Beach Shack: lunch only, burgers, tacos, salads...feet in the sand on Meads Bay 

  • Cuisinart Resort: go for a tour of the hydroponic vegetable garden (call to find out the time or ask Kenroy)  The most amazing tomatoes you have ever tasted.

  • Sand Bar: tapas bar on the beach in Sandy Ground.  Only open at night, and only serving tapas, but you will be full when you leave!  Great cocktail menu

  • Dolce Vita: Authentic Italian right on the beach in Sandy Ground. 

  • DaVida: for lunch or dinner.  Call to find out when they have live music (especially Boss or Omari Banks).  On the beach very close to Sandcastle at Crocus Bay. Lunch menu very casual, dinner more upscale

  • For a list of the 70 restaurants of Anguilla...please visit http://skyviews.com/anguillagourmetguide/




From Sandcastle, always turn right out of the driveway, left at the T, then left again once you are in front of Ani Villas (2 very large, 3 story buildings), then right at the end of this road.  Follow this paved road around several turns until you come to a stop with the Red Cross on your right.  All directions below are from the Red Cross:


  • To JW Proctors: Turn left at Red Cross, go straight through the roundabout, straight through the stop light, and JW Proctors will be on your left just before the road makes a sharp left turn.

  • To Albert Lakes: Turn left at Red Cross, go straight through the roundabout, left at the stop light, and Lakes will be on your left (the 3rd driveway)

  • To Best Buy East: Turn Left at Red Cross, straight through the roundabout, straight through the stop light, and follow this road for a bout 2-3 miles.You will see Best Buy on your left.If you pass the DP gas station, you have gone a bit

  • To Best Buy West: Turn left at Red Cross, right at round about, right at next round about and continue straight on this road a good 10 min.  Very large grocery store on your right.

  • To Sol Gas Station: turn left at RedCross, straight through the roundabout, Sol is on your left just before the stop light.Cash Only!

  • Hospital: Turn left at Red Cross, straight through the roundabout, left at stop light, then you will see the blue ‘H’ sign for hospital pointing you to the left (less than a mile).The hospital is set back from the road, so hard to see until you are passing it, so look for the H.If you go through a stop light, you have just passed it.

  • Paramount Pharmacy: Turn left at Red Cross, turn Right at the roundabout, turn right at the next roundabout.Go through 2 stop lights, then you will see a small sign on the right, just after a large store called Shop 4 Less.Pharmacy is set back from the road.


The restaurants are well marked on the tourist maps, as well as all the beaches and resorts!


You can get a complete list of all the things to do in Anguilla by visiting:http://ivisitanguilla.com/

Enjoy your stay,



The Sandcastle Villa team

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